Southern Baptist PrayerLink

Mission: PrayerLink is a network of Southern Baptist prayer leaders which seeks to foster a culture of Kingdom-focused prayer toward revival and spiritual awakening throughout SBC life and beyond.

Four Functions

The PrayerLink Community/Network seeks to accomplish its mission through four functions:

1) Pray

Foster “one-accord” prayer experiences and a praying culture within the PrayerLink community and beyond.

2) Connect

Identify, embrace, develop and/or network SBC prayer leaders with the PrayerLink community and beyond.

3) Resource

Provide a forum where prayer resources, initiatives, ideas and stories are displayed and shared with the intent of supporting prayer leaders as they mobilize strategic kingdom-focused intercession throughout the SBC and beyond. See our resources.

4) Serve

Serve the PrayerLink network, annual PrayerLink gathering/forum, and SBC prayer leaders through the administration and facilitation of PrayerLink meetings, prayer gatherings and collaborative SBC related prayer initiatives and efforts.

PrayerLink Components

1) PrayerLink Leadership Team:

The PrayerLink Leadership team hosts, plans and facilitates the annual forum, prayer gatherings and initiatives and provides overall leadership for the network. (participation by invitation only)

2) PrayerLink Networks:

PrayerLink seeks to enlist, empower and equip several affinity groups to develop their own prayer networks. Currently, these affinity prayer network groups are:

  • Local Church Network: Consists of local church pastors, prayer leaders, ministry staff, etc. who provide leadership in prayer through a local church context. MORE INFO
  • Associational Network: Consists of associational directors of mission, associational missionaries, prayer leaders and associational staff who provide leadership in prayer through an associational ministry context.
  • SBC Entity/State/Ethnic Fellowship Network: Consists of SBC entity, state convention and SBC related ethnic fellowship prayer leaders who are assigned prayer responsibilities in their respective ministry context.
  • Prayer Ministries Network: Consists of SBC related prayer leaders who have their own prayer ministry or are involved in prayer mobilization within various ministry avenues and contexts.

3) Annual PrayerLink Gathering/Forum:

Annual network gathering of SBC prayer leaders from across the North America and beyond. Date and location for the 2020 PrayerLink Gathering/Forums is September 24-26 in Asheville, N.C.

4) PrayerLink Experiences and Initiatives:

Kingdom-focused prayer events, initiatives, gatherings, opportunities and experiences held in conjunction with the annual PrayerLink Forum and SBC related meetings and prayer initiatives. These experiences are open to prayer leaders and prayer champions from SBC local churches, associations, state conventions, ethnic fellowships, SBC related prayer ministries and beyond.

2020 PrayerLink Gathering/Forum

Seeking God’s Face … Together

“Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near.” — Isaiah 55:6

In this year’s PrayerLink Gathering/Forum participants will pray together, connect and network, share God’s activity related to prayer mobilization and resources and participate in affinity prayer network discussions related to the future development and expansion of PrayerLink initiatives and networks.



All PrayerLink meetings will be held at Ridgecrest Conference Center.

1 Ridgecrest Drive
Ridgecrest, NC 28770



Ridgecrest Conference Center
1 Ridgecrest Drive
Ridgecrest, NC 28770


Local Transportation

Local Transportation

More information will be available soon.

DoubleTree by Hilton - Green Tree


2020 PrayerLink Gathering/Forum

Registration for the 2020 PrayerLink Gathering/Forum is open.

To register, please complete Step 1 and Step 2 below. Registration costs includes $30 conference fee and nightly rate of $99. If you are sharing a room with your spouse or colleague, only one person needs to register for both registrants. Be sure to select “1” or “2” on the registration form for the number of people you’d like to register. If you are not staying at Ridgecrest there will only be a $30 per person registration fee for commuters. All meals are included (Thursday Dinner-Saturday Breakfast) for each registered participant. Commuters should complete Step 1 below but call Ridgecrest at (866) 768-9048 to complete registration and pay fee.

NOTE: Registration for The 2020 PrayerLink Gathering/Forum at Ridgecrest Conference Center is available for SBC Entity, State, Local Church, Associational, Ethnic Fellowship and Prayer Ministry Prayer Leaders who are actively involved in a Southern Baptist Convention affiliated congregation. This also includes any associational leaders, local church pastors and ministry staff, part-time ministry leaders and volunteers who are actively involved in mobilizing prayer in their ministry context.

Step 1

To begin registration, click COMPLETE STEP 1 below. A new tab will open for you to register for PrayerLink 2020. Registration costs will be collected during Step 2. If you are sharing a room with your spouse or colleague, only one person needs to register for both registrants.

Step 2

To finish registration, click COMPLETE STEP 2 below. A new tab will open for you to reserve your room and pay registration costs with Ridgecrest Conference Center. Be sure to select “1” or “2” guests on the registration form for the number of people you’d like to register. If you are a commuter, please call Ridgecrest at (866) 768-9048 to pay $30/person registration fee.