Church Prayer Ministry Coordinators Network


Welcome to the PrayerLink Church Prayer Ministry Coordinators Network (CPMC) Page. We are glad you stopped by.

Are you a prayer leader in a local church looking for help or ideas for expanding the prayer life of your church? Or could you use some encouragement from someone who understands the role you are in? Need a safe place to voice concerns and ask for prayer?

We hope you will find a common bond here as we seek to pray for each other, and for our churches to be houses of prayer. But first, you may have a few questions about this CPMC network.

What is PrayerLink and the Church Prayer Coordinators Network?

This network was birthed out of the Southern Baptist Convention’s PrayerLink Group, that was for many years by-invitation only. Membership was limited to the state conventions’ prayer leaders and the SBC agency prayer leaders by virtue of their official positions. Today the CPMC network includes all SBC church prayer leaders. You are invited to be a part of PrayerLink and this network if you are currently the prayer ministry coordinator at your church on staff or as a layperson.

Who is a part of PrayerLink now?

A volunteer leadership team of agency and state convention prayer staff, state prayer coordinators, associational prayer leaders, church prayer coordinators, and SBC members with para-church prayer ministries.

What is expected of members of the CPMC network?

You are encouraged to join the Pray SBC Facebook page and participate in discussions. You are also invited and encouraged to attend annual meetings of the whole SBC PrayerLink Group. There are no fees at this time. However, you or your church would be responsible for covering your travel, lodging, and any personal expenses.

Please contact us if you have other questions; and check the home page for annual meeting details.

We hope to get to know you soon.

Lead Team for CPMC Network
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